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A platform where your hunt for the 'best cakes around' you ends. Cakesaround provides an innovative solution to order sweet treats for any special occasions. With cakesaround , finding the right cake for all your needs, whether it be gifting, celebration or a casual sweet tooth becomes easier than ever. Visit to countless stores searching for the perfect cake that suits your requirements are longer required, with cakesaround showcasing the best bakers available around you.


An online platform that makes finding the right cake tailored to your needs easily.

Client Requirements

A web app that enables user to find the cake of their dreams.

Eliminate the need for having to visit countless stores to find the cake that fits ones requirements.

Span across a large database of bakers to find the best match for everyone's requirements.

At the event inability to find the right cake, provide the option that allows user to personalise one.

Ability to place an order easily at the comfort of ones home.

Enable bakers from different parts of the country to join and maintain their own profile in the platform to keep track of orders , product showcasing etc.

Build a central administration system that holds together the baker and the user.

Bridge the gap between country’s best bakers and cake lovers.


Goodbits Solution


Build an e-commerce web app. Design and develop a simple and powerful platform giving emphasis on an outlook that attracts maximum users. Build and maintain a database of bakers and their products. Provide a payment gateway for easy processing of online payment. Build dashboards for both central admin and bakers. Provide easy sign up and login options which include Facebook ,Google and email authentication.


Study of customer trends in ordering cake,like frequency , occasions ,types etc, Analyze the growth in online booking of the same.Study relations between website features and orders recieved etc.


The development stages include design the web framework, building the web app using Python-Django framework and building the database. Integration of various features such as Facebook, Google login and stripe payment were done.


A neat and clean design with emphasis on user experience was needed for a platform such as cakesaround. Careful design implementations for each webpage was a necessity. We were successful in providing the client with interactive and beautiful designs that would please the user.


A user approaching the website is free to select their location and browse the cakes,cupcakes and other sweet treats that are available near them.

If one is unable to find a cake that meets his/her requirements, they can provide a request for personalizing the same.

Upon adding to cart and proceeding to checkout, user to prompted to signup/login.

After providing the required details , which also includes messages to baker and special instructions, the user can proceed to the payment.

Key feature

Option to personalize cakes according to ones unique requirements.

Promocode feature to avail discounts.

Location based filtering of bakers and products.

Designing Cakearound

Challenges & wins

Feature to filter the bakers based on location was an exciting and challenging task at the same time.The feature provided the user the convenience of browsing only through the results that actually mattered to them,without any wastage of time.

Accepting personalised orders and their follow up with respective bakers.

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