Moving made easy.


The Muberz user and partner apps, provide users the ability to overcome the hurdle of relocating the commodities. Muberz came up with the idea of a system of on-demand truck booking system. They gave the ides, we worked for them to bring the idea to reality and develop the applictaion to highest level of user-acceptance


The simplified mobile application to move your house-hold from one location to another, we channelized the transportation of items with just 2 apps.

Client Requirements

A mobile application, where a user can book for a truck for immediate requirement to move his furniture, electronics or any other commodity to a desination he wish to relocate. The trucks are allotted and partners are scheduled to pick up the items and transfer them to the destination chosen by the user.

Muberz system gives complete overview to the system admin to view how the system is performing. The users and partners are managed by the admin, and transparancy among each level.

A mobile application, for truck drivers to respond to potential movers and respond in real-time. The partners are notified for the requests that they receive based on their truck volumes. The partners are always given flexibility to choose to accept or reject the transfer requests. Partners are given appreciations for the work they perform, and continuously monitored by the admin.

Satisfaction and quick response to the needs of the user. The users are given utmost value and the quality of service and reliability have been offered at all times.

Goodbits Solution


The idea is to provide a medium of communication between the trucks and users, that is channelled by a server system. We maintained the pillars to reliability of users in carrying out the requesetd services.


The product is divided into 3 phases. The Server. The User App. The Partner App. A parallel development in User and Partner side was the way we tackled it, so that we can produce a live system effectively.


It's essential to make the most minimal design in the Apps. Lesser number of buttons to provide the most direct needs is the goal to make a product like this, elegant.


User fills out the registration form using their phone number,Authentication is done using the OTP which will be treated as password.

Upon successful login the home screen will display a Google map with user’s current location plotted. User can start a new move upon entering the source and destination. Choosing the commodities and pick up and destination structure typee, they can submit the payment to submit a request.

User can select the commodities and the type oof service.

For successful reservation user is required to pay in advance.

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Key feature

Mobile Friendly:Phone registration service is designed to work seamlessly with mobile apps and automatically detects and fills in the verification SMS code to deliver a frictionless experience for your customers. The auto-read feature ensures customers don’t have to switch between apps to enter the OTP.

One Time Password (OTP) Support:Muberz can be configured to generate a one-time passcode (OTP) whenever your customers need to register and authenticate on your application. Authentication can be managed through a temporary OTP generated each time a customer wants to log in.

The calculation of price of service selected is made on the basis of Mundanzafacil algorithm.

Request Now option for the users not able to find a driver for the move in which the user will be given an option to pay full amount, upon which this user will be given high priority.

Users can reserve for a move upto a maximum of 48 hours from the time of booking.

Designing Muberz

Challenges & wins

The beauty of Muberz is the seamless communication between the Driver and the User. This was brought to perfection by multiple testings in different scenarios to make sure that no stones were left unturned.

The server bears the load and effectively balances the communication between two Devices to ensure the quality of service that we envisioned.

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