Product inspection
Made easy.


A system that is designed for improving efficiency, transperancy, communications and overall quality control and quality assurance in an organisation. The system is automated and make reports and analytics available to QC officers as well as Management. How big the company be, QaQc helps in effective management of quality check .

QaQc app

Quality assurance - Checked!

Client Requirements

Products can be selected easily from a pool.

Complete reporting of quality check - the easy way.

Prioritize product defects.

Feature to report the cause of defect.

Automatically deliver inspection report to multiple recipients.


Goodbits Solution


Make a workplace, a safe haven. That is the core(& obvious) purpose of this product. The strategy is obviously to provide an application that can be accessed at the fingertips of Supervisors.


The quickness of the response, this app deserves, was reflected on it's creation. It was made fast and efficient.


This app needs a technically clear UI/UX where a Supervisor can enter data with zero ambiguity. That was achieved easily.


User registration is required for app sign-in.

User can select from various options - Quality control, Reject/Rework, Observation and Reports.

Selection of options are made easy with details such as department name, project name & Item code.

Observation submission is a simplified process,with prioritization and image upload options.

Reject/rework list with history of each item is available.

Key feature

Single button click to obtain mass data.

Quick custom report facility.

Image capture facility available.

Timely SMS and e-mail notificaions.

Designing QaQc

Challenges & wins

An efficient and easy to understand visual representation of data is the highlight of the product.

The daunting challenge here was to accomodate a fast reporting forum and a clear data representation in a single platform. That was done rather gloriously, one must say.

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